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冰冻三尺 非一日之寒
积土成山 非斯须之作

Hello 大家好,我是hbkang,一枚化学PhD,现在住在寒冷的芝加哥。


这个博客是利用 BYHux 贡献的模板搭建的。感谢🙏


Yet another Chemistry PhD.
Yet another Life-long Student.

Hello everyone, I am hbkang. I am a Chemistry PhD and am currently living in Chicago.

This is my personal blog, thanks to BY and Hux who are very kind to share their blog templates.

Here in this blog, I like to share with you some of my hobbies such as investment, crypto coins mining, travel, gardening and running.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!